SideTool continues to take orders for its incredible Wood Splitter at increasing rates. About 80% of SideTool’s Wood Splitters are for compact excavators in the 3-6-ton category. However, we are also manufacturing many wood splitters for 8-10-ton machines and higher. There are a lot of questions about our wood splitter and we hope to answer some of them here (FAQ):

  • “What is the ‘psi’ of the wood splitter?” The answer may surprise you: The SideTool Wood Splitter is not a hydraulic attachment –it is mechanical. It relies on the existing hydraulics of the excavator. A more accurate gauge to estimate the force and efficiency is not “psi” but rather gallons/minute of hydraulic flow or “gpm” of the machine (excavator or backhoe). The larger your excavator, the higher the gpm (in most cases) and hence – the greater efficiency and force in splitting wood.
  • “Can I split really large rounds of hardwood, green wood or knotty wood?” Much like the explanation above, it depends largely on the type and size of your excavator. I like to use the analogy of excavators moving dirt with a bucket. Obviously, one can move far more dirt with a 6-ton machine than with a 1.5-ton machine to cite an extreme example. The same is true with the wood splitter – there is a direct correlation between the size of your machine and the size of rounds, hardness of wood, green-ness, knotty-ness etc. that you can split. If, for example, you own a Bobcat e35 (approx. 3.5ton machine), don’t expect to be able to split 30-inch rounds of white oak or pecan. You must reduce your expectations to roughly 12-15-inch rounds of hardwood in that case. But those 30-inch rounds of hardwood will not be an issue for an 8-ton at all!
  • “Does your 4-way blade mean I can split wood faster?” Not necessarily! That is not the entire purpose of the four-way blade! The vertical portion of the blade is longer so that you can grab larger rounds of wood at the ends and split them in half before you apply the four-way blade to smaller pieces and split those further –it’s a matter of physics! Also, some folks will benefit from only a 2-way blade, particularly of they have a smaller machine, lighter than 4-tons. We recommend they speak with our owner/President, Steve Schmidt to determine what is right for them and their particular conditions.
  • “Can I use the SideTool Wood Splitter on one of my other excavators?” Only if your other excavator(s) is the exact same make and model with the same modifications. We fabricate each wood splitter to fit your particular machine, therefore it is not interchangeable with most other machines, unless they are exactly the same.
  • “Do I need to remove my quick-coupler from the end of my boom?” No! – we engineer and build our wood splitter to fit your excavator whether it has a quick-coupler, a pin-grabber, or just good old pins!

In short, the SideTool Wood Splitter is an incredibly efficient excavator attachment that allows the operator to split wood and stack wood at the same time, rain or shine. Some of our customers boast about splitting three cords of hardwood in a space of just two hours! Check out these videos:

SideTool Wood Splitter (30 sec video)

SideTool Wood Splitter (long video)

SideTool Wood Splitter Video from one of our customers

For more information, please visit www.sidetool.com or call us at (253) 720-1678