SideTool, an industry disruptor and innovator in the construction industry, has announced their “Drive Forward Campaign” to help contractors improve efficiencies, accuracy and bid more flexibly for projects. All of this cuts cost and increases profitability.

Traditional heavy equipment places the tool in front of the driver, whether it’s an excavator, trencher or grading tool. This has been the accepted design method for decades despite the obvious flaws of compromised visibility which impacts safety, slows work, increases the chance of injury and requires the support of shadow operators.

SideTool’s innovative designs solve the visibility problem without sacrificing productivity. In fact, these designs improve productivity and efficiency by 40% or greater. The SideTrencher and Silt Fence installer are the focus of the Drive Forward Campaign – both attach to SideTool’s SkidSteer to allow workers to take care of business faster and more accurately.


The SideTrencher tool attaches to SideTool’s SkidSteer and trenches forward so the operator can clearly see what they’re doing. Traditional trenchers either obscure visibility or don’t allow a clear view of the trench being dug behind the vehicle. Either way, work is slower because the operator can’t see everything they’re doing at once.

But with the SideTrencher, operators can work faster and with enhanced accuracy while improving safety ratings. Drive forward capability offers 360 degree visibility and eliminates or reduces the need for a shadow operator which saves on labor costs on two fronts. This boosts your profitability and improves the work you deliver to your clients.

Silt Fence Attachment

The Silt Fence attachment also work with the SideTool SkidSteer and greatly improves the installation of silt fences. Traditional silt fence installers require the operator to driving backward while facing the fence installer attachment. This is not only awkward, but results in slow, tedious work with great capacity for inaccuracy. SideTool’s silt fence installer offers perfect drive forward visibility and allows the use of the excavator bucket to remove rocks, roots and obstacles for a better and faster install.

SideTool intends to help contractors Drive Forward by helping them to upgrade their business efficiency to the next level by reducing costs and boosting bottom line revenue as a result. You’ll be able to bid more competitively based on your higher performing operations.