Tractor Attachments

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SideTool Products for the Tractor (Cat. I & Cat. II)

The farm tractor has proven itself as the farmer’s most powerful tool for decades. With new developments in technology, the tractor has become more efficient and versatile. Not only can it pull attachments on the 3-pt. hitch, but attachments can now be placed on the front when adding a universal quick-attach adapter to the tractor.

These new developments allow the farmer to trench next to a fence, next to a grade, next to a body of water — only with the SideTool SideTrencher! THE same goes for installing silt fence. Us e it on the 3-pt hitch and pull the silt fence installer on the open field, however, if you need to be close to a barrier or do not want to be on top of an unstable grade, use our patented coupler system on the front of the tractor and swing the tool to the side, continuing to drive forward, safely and efficiently!

SideTool Solutions for the 3-pt. hitch (Cat. I & Cat. II tractors)

SideTool Solutions for the tractor’s universal quick-attach adapter


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