If there is such a thing as an “artisan attachment” for an excavator –this is it! The SideTool Mechanical Wood Splitter is the brain-child of brilliant inventor and attachment designer, Steve Schmidt. Although SideTool manufactures a multitude of attachments for the skid steer and the excavator in Illinois (www.sidetool.com), the SideTool Mechanical Wood Splitter is the one attachment that Steve prefers to personally custom hand-craft in his workshop in Eatonville, WA, nestled in the foothills of Mt. Rainier.

The Wood Splitters are made of North American A572 grade steel, yet the blade is made with an even harder T-1 grade steel. Each SideTool Wood Splitter is custom crafted to fit your specific machine allowing maximum performance when splitting a variety of wood.

A mechanical wood splitter differs from a hydraulic wood splitter because it relies on the existing hydraulics of your excavator. We recommend a minimum 3- metric ton (6,600 lbs) mini-excavator. We can build splitters for very large excavators as well. The beauty of the SideTool Mechanical Wood Splitter is that it allows you to split various types of wood and pile it without having to get out of the cab!

All SideTool’s products are patented or patent pending. Our products are 100% designed and manufactured in the US with 100% US Steel. We give you a two-year warranty, exceeding industry standards. We pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of our products as well as our exceptional customer service.

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