Skid Steer Attachments – SideTool

SideTool has developed the most innovative and efficient skid steer attachments for solving the problem of having to drive backwards on a skid steer. Now you can drive forward by using our patented coupler systems that swing the tool to the side of the machine and provide you the following advantages:

  • The couplers allow you to place the tool, such as the trencher attachment, in the middle or to the side of the machine. Placing the tool in the middle is still important for very narrow spaces or to drive your machine with the skid steer attachment back on to the trailer. Now you also have the option of swinging the trencher, silt fence installer, back-fill blade, or any other skid steer attachment to the side and drive forward!
  • The operator is no longer forced to drive on top of an unstable grade or shoulder with a skid steer. They can now be on the road surface or otherwise stable surface next to the grade using the SideTool skid steer attachments more safely and efficiently.

Skid Steer Attachments – SideTool’s Smarter Solution

As versatile as the skid steer may be, the biggest challenge is that the operator is forced to drive backwards when skid steer attachments are placed in the front of the skid steer. This is particularly true when it comes to trenching, installing silt fence and anything else that needs to be pulled. This presents several problems for the operator and the contractor:

  • Driving backwards is dangerous and unsafe. Visibility is limited and it takes a big physical toll on the operator
  • Driving backwards on top of an unstable grade is even more dangerous and inefficient
  • Unsafe practices and inefficiencies deplete the contractor’s profit

But now with SideTool’s skid steer attachments all these problems have now been solved.



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