Telecommunications Project in the West-African country of Gabon

SideTool is proud to announce its work with South Korean customers KT Engore and Doyeon Systems for a significant telecom, fiber-optic cable installation project in the West-African country of Gabon. This project is funded by the World Bank, specifically to improve telecommunications and internet access in this small African country. SideTool’s trencher attachments were chosen as the preferred tools to conduct the hundreds of miles of trenching in rough terrain in the shortest amount of time as possible.

Most of SideTool’s trenching attachment systems are placed on skid steers. We offer two different patented/pending coupler systems to allow the operator to swing the trencher attachments to the side of the machine and trench while driving forward (SideTool SideTrencher Attachment).

However, in Gabon – they do not have skid steers! Skid Steer Loaders are far more common in North America than they are in Europe and on the African Continent. At the same time, the terrain in Gabon demands machines that can handle unstable grades, steep slopes and the ability to work efficiently behind guardrails. We considered Mini-excavators to perform these jobs, but  Mini-excavators do not offer a great deal of hydraulic flow and can slow down performance a great deal.

The SideTool solution in this case is the CAT 442D backhoe loader: .

At 43 gpm, the CAT backhoe loader supports the SideTool’s Super-Duty – hi-flow trencher attachment as well as SideTool’s Rotating Coupler System for the end of the boom.

SideTool’s Rotating Coupler System (patent pending) is unique in terms of allowing the operator to place the tool beyond the width of the wheels or tracks of the machine AND to place the trencher attachment parallel with the tracks or wheels. This is an ideal scenario for steep slopes and hard-to-reach areas. In terms of safety and efficiency, this combination lends itself to the best solution to address the problem with great efficiency (SideTool Rotating Coupler System).

SideTool has proven itself once again as the World Leader in Attachment Innovation. It is precisely these types of construction challenges that SideTool’s expertise fits in: We determine solutions quickly with a staff of engineers who bring decades of experience in the attachment world. SideTool’s owner and President, Steve Schmidt, brings a wealth of experience as a General Contractor to the design table when our customers demand solutions to tough problems.

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