7,000 – 10,000lb Machines – PRICE $1,895
10,001 – 14,000lb Machines – PRICE $1,995
14,001 – 19,000lb Machines – PRICE $2,295

The Wood Splitter

The SideTool Mechanical Wood Splitter greatly increases efficiency in splitting wood. Depending on the size and weight of your machine, heavier machines can split as large as 24-30 inch rounds. The heavier the machine, the easier it will be to split green wood, knotty wood, hardwoods, etc. – up to 16 pieces a minute! On top of that, you can stack the wood in a pile instead of having to carry them around by hand.

The wood splitter attaches to the hydraulic or non-hydraulic thumb of the mini-excavator. Optimal size machines are in the 3-6 metric ton range, although we do have customers who operate the wood splitter with as small as a 1.5-ton machine or as large as a 7-ton machine.

What makes this task even more efficient, is that you can use the wood splitter to lift the split pieces on to a pile or place them directly on your truck bed. This eliminates the need for additional labor to move the split pieces.

Don’t Forget!

Many of SideTool’s products are patented or patent pending. The Mechanical Wood Splitter is patent pending. All SideTool products are 100% designed and manufactured in the US with mostly US Steel. We give you a two-year warranty, exceeding industry standards. We pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of our products as well as our exceptional customer service.