SideTool Hydraulic Log-Splitter (Wood-Screw)

Split any kind of wood, whether it’s hard wood, green wood, extreme knotty wood, stringy wood – The SideTool Hydraulic Wood-Splitter will efficiently split it all! No matter how large the log, with a recommended minimum of a 3,300 lb. excavator (1 metric ton) or any skid steer you can quickly split and pile wood without having to get in and out of your machine.

The self-guided threaded conical body draws the splitter into the log.
Thread it in only part-way and lift the log onto a pile.

  • Suitable for mini-excavator from 3,300 lbs. to 11,000 lbs. (1-5 metric tons)
  • Suitable for any skid steer up to 80 hp
  • Robust & rugged, single piece design
  • Easy to fit
  • Very affordable!
  • We offer three different sizes for different size compact excavators and skid steers.


Options for Hydraulic Wood Splitter

  • Mini-Excavators (3,300 to 6,600 lbs)
  • Mini-Excavators, up to 25 gpm (5,500 to 9,900 lbs) and Skidsteer Loaders up to 65 hp
  • Mini-Excavators, up to 13020 gpm (6,600 to 11,000 lbs) and Skidsteer Loaders up to 80 hp



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