EFFICIENT & FROM THE SIDE – The Compaction Wheel is the landscaper and utility contractor’s only attachment solution for 1.) compacting trenching spoils (sub-grade and topsoil finish grade) inside of the planter strip area; and 2.) compacting trenches after backfilling -All while driving next to the grade.

BETTER OPTIONS – When placing the Compaction Wheel on the skid steer, the operator has full visibility of the work while compacting the material in front of the blade. This creates grade perfectly matched to the road surface, sidewalk surface, or top of curb datum. When grading the planter area, landscape contractors are typically dealing with loosened trench spoils and topsoil. If there is no compact excavator available, this skid steer system is a smart and efficient solution. Using the Backfill Blade and the compaction wheel on either the excavator or skid steer works far more superior than to rake and shovel. *Requires Skid Steer Coupler or Excavator Coupler

The compaction wheels come in four standard sizes (widths): 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12”.

We can also build custom widths.


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