Attachments for Contractors – by Contractors

SideTool offers the first system with interchangeable construction equipment attachments for the skid steermini-excavator and tractor. Placing tools to the side of the skid steer allows the operator to drive forward instead of backwards as well as avoid being on top of an unstable grade. Tools below the swivel of the mini-excavator free the bucket. Attach our tools to the back of a tractor’s 3-point hitch and pull them or place them on the tractor’s quick-attach plate in the front as an option. SideTool has many interchangeable tools for contractor pros!

Our experience as contractors has provided us with a better perspective to solve problems in the construction industry and to significantly increase project efficiency, safety, and productivity.

SideTool Construction Equipment Attachment Solutions

Trench forward with your skid steer, reduce operating costs – compact, backfill, and grade from the road surface. Turn your mini-excavator into a multi-tool. Make your tractor the most efficient work-horse. Do you have other construction challenges which may require custom created attachments? Visit our Solution Center page.


SideTool – Construction Equipment Attachment Innovation

Attachments for contractors, created by contractors!

In an industry whose time is overdue for bold, new innovation to vastly improve efficiency and safety, the SideTool advantage offers construction equipment attachment systems that truly revolutionize the construction industry. SideTool’s patented and patent pending, field-tested attachments are proven to increase project efficiency by at least 40%.

The SideTool advantage allows the operator to drive forward, dramatically increasing visibility, speed of operation, safety and profitability. SideTool offers:

  • The only INTERCHANGEABLE attachment system between the skid steer and compact excavator
  • Attachments to the side allow operators to drive FORWARD with increased efficiency and safety while significantly reducing time and labor cost
  • Tools placed below the swivel of an excavator allow for 360° visibility, turning the excavator into a MULTI-TOOL driving force behind your successful projects.

Placing attachments to the side opens new niches for a variety of tools that were not previously available. SideTool’s world class Research and Development Division recognizes the limitless possibilities to further develop innovative products that are unmatched in the industry.

Solutions for the Skid Steer & Track Loader:

The problem with attachments on the skid steer is TRENCHING BACKWARDS!

  • Trenching backwards = poor visibility
  • Trenching backwards = machine on top of the grade, often unstable and dangerous
  • Trenching backwards = inability to trench next to fences, foundations or bodies of water


The Solution

  • Trenching forward from the side = full visibility & increased safety, productivity & versatility
  • Trenching forward from the side = machine next to the grade, not on top of it
  • Trench almost anywhere & backfill & compact also – attachments snap on & off quickly


Silt Fence Installation

The Problem:

  • Poor visibility when operating a skid steer backwards
  • Obstacles halt labor force
  • Very time consuming and expensive

SideTool’s Solutions:

  • Silt Fence Installer to the side of a mini-excavator allows the bucket to be free to remove obstacles or loosen material
  • Silt Fence Installer to the side of the skid steer allows operator to drive forward instead of backwards and next to the grade
  • Install fabric with pre-installed wire mesh!
  • Install fabric with pre-installed posts!

SideTool offers a large variety of attachments to vastly increase any contractor’s efficiency. We have over 40 patented and patent-pending attachments for the skid steer, mini-excavator and tractor.

Since 2004, Steve Schmidt, owner and founder of SideTool, has dedicated himself to offering #1 solutions in the industry and solving many critical problems in construction. A former contractor himself, Steve Schmidt agrees that attachments designed for contractors by contractors, addresses real problems in the industry.

The Core Team

Steve Schmidt, owner, founder and CEO of SideTool, Inc.
Tina Schmidt, CFO
Rob Reed, Chief Engineer
Mike Dover, Manufacturing

All of SideTool’s products are patented or patent pending. All of our products are 100% designed and manufactured in the US with 100% US Steel.

We back that up further with a two-year warranty (Details here), exceeding industry standards. We pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of our products as well as our exceptional customer service.