Attachment Systems for Contractors… by Contractors.

Increase efficiency by up to 40% with SideTool’s patent pending systems.

Our goal is to offer well built, reliable innovative solutions that increase efficiency and safety to today’s contractor. SideTool offers the #1 solution for sidewalk finish grade, siltfence installation, safety fence installation, forward trenching, and much more…

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As contractors, Sidetool understands the industry and the value of your experience. We aim to be not only a source of innovative solutions, but more importantly a sounding board and place the contractor can turn to for creative design and concepts that the industry does not currently offer. It is our hope that the “SideTool Concept” will spur on new ideas to fill niches, and to develop the tools that efficiently meet your needs. Please contact us so that we may help with specific solutions that will increase your bottom line.

Steve Schmidt